Astronomy Section 1.1.3 DIY instruction and the use of a star map

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    A) Download and print the following file including a sky map and an overlay (starmap.pdf).
    B) You may glue the sky map on a card. Cut out the sky map. Don’t use water-based glue otherwise the paper will wrinkle.
    C) If you like, you can put in constellation names.
    D) You may also glue the overlay (with “Hong Kong” on it) on another card and cut it out.
    E) Fold back along the broken line. Glue to make the jacket.
    F) After glue is dried out, insert the sky map in the jacket.
    G) Congratulations! You have just made a planisphere (a star map).
    H) Please download the introductory video if necessary (starmap-en.mp4).
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