I am am alevel student

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  1. Winston

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    [parsehtml]<P>yet my preforance in the not good, what to do?what to do? I am very worried now, I am disappointed every day. I live in a world of sadness and disappointment.</P> <P>Can any one tell me what to do?</P> <P>&nbsp;</P>[/parsehtml]
    #1 Winston, 2005-06-05
  2. ITFAI

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    [parsehtml]<P>不用太擔心,太擔心反而會不知所措。<BR>可以在高考放旁前作充足的準備,例如可以搜集升學資料,其他升學途徑等等 <BR>人生滿希望,向積極方面想,要樂觀面對問題。</P>[/parsehtml]