Just a few words for our F7 students

本文由 Lai 在 2005-07-08 發表於 "生涯規劃討論區" 討論區

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    Today is a big day. Many of you will find out how you have done in your A-level exam. Just a few pieces of advice from someone who has been there:<BR><BR>1. Don't stay in school for the sake of putting off looking for work. You need to find a job sooner or later. Delaying the process doesn't make it better.<BR><BR>2. Degree holders are everywhere. Don't get a degree for the sake of getting one. An AA offer may be better than a degree offer, depending on the quality of the programme and your interest.<BR><BR>3. Don't go solely by university rankings. Look for a well-established programme. Even famous universities have lousy departments.<BR><BR>4. Not everybody learns well in a conventional setting. Are you a hands-on learner? If so, you may be better off looking for work. You can study as you go.<BR><BR>5. When it is all said and done, having a successful career comes down to making goals for yourself and moving towards them one step at a time. Be realistic about your timelines. Don't expect things to happen overnight, and definitely don't expect anything to be handed to you on a silver platter.<BR><BR>Good luck!