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  1. 老野

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    LM always sucks
    I have used them from 3.51 and they always promise you whatever you ask and never get it done
    but my IT staffs and VP told me that their system "looks" fine (but WORK BAD)

    they cheat people like VP & IT or even Principals and some other librarians (many do not have much experience on computer)

    I believe what HM said when I first work in library and met him in in-service training: ask those who using certain software for what it CANNOT do

    My school is now planning to change to eclass and they told me to change to SLS

    but some told me that LMS seems have many problem migrating to SLS. Is this true?
  2. Elisa

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    I'm using LM5.0 too. Luckily, we can handle it with only some minus problems. But I hate to deal with their IT support,they let me wait and wait and can't give the rootcause. I'm afraid of suffering system down. Now, it's time to pay the maintenance fee, $1700 per year. Does it worth? Of course not!! But if we do not pay, once the system down, then.......
    I'm thinking to change using SLS. I have contacted with SLS sales, they always say can migrate without any problem. But who know the true. Really 100%data can be transfered to new system???? I and 老野want you to share your experience. We don't want to suffer again.
  3. smary

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    yes i agreed with Elisa and i'm looking for information about the SLS system. i found their webopac is quite good as compared with the LM. The search results provides more information than the LM. You may visit the following library catalogue of the plk laws foundation college: