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    tang yu kwong
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    Thanks for your suggestion. I will discuss this matter with GLA. However, GLA is a staff organization under Cultural and Leisure Department, not Education and Manpower Bureau. Therefore, I can only ask for their opinions about their experiences in establishing the association. Anyway, I have already discussed this idea with the CDI (Library Section) and they have shown their understanding and the supportive attitudes to me.

    I can tell that the attitudes of the tertiary institutions towards offering postgraduate courses can indicate their degree of the recognition of the librarianship as a kind of professional and their analysis in the market. Therefore, the career development of school librarianship in Hong Kong is far beyond our expectation.

    Speaking honestly, if we want to be recognized as professional outstood from the general teachers by the school and the community, our position must be disconnected from the teaching grades, like student guidance officer, school social workers and educational psychologists. Therefore, what we actually need are the postgraduate training in school librarianship, a regional supportive network and a new promotion system for the position.

    But I can also tell that most of the school librarians still prefer being a teacher to being a librarian, for the sake of their job security and the opportunities in promotion. Therefore, I do not expect any revolution in our field but I do not want to be neglected especially in my embarrassing position as a school librarian but also a civil servant of EMB.

    Thanks again.

    TANG Yu-kwong
    #1 tang yu kwong, 2003-02-24