Smart card

本文由 Jenny 在 2001-08-29 發表於 "圖書館主任討論區" 討論區

  1. Jenny

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    I am exploring the possibility of using smart card in a secondary school. The card is supposed to have multiple functions, such as borrowing books in the school library, taking attendence and so on. Pls let me know any information concerning this. Thank you.
  2. mhung

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    there seems a few schools are testing the usage, I have seen similar thing on the newspaper.
    it is possible, but they also cost a lotof money
    - install card reader all over the campus
    - install card reader in all facilities need card
    - install the systems that would handle all the data
    - fast commuincation inside school
    - need contact the company which handle the food shop in school, if youplan to accept this card to buy food and drink in school
  3. Jenny

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    Thank you for the information.
    Any contact no. of companies who offer such services ?