[Summer][10/7]Senior Ex7: Consumer Council says online group purchase...(9/7)

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  1. Ivy Yeung =)

    Ivy Yeung =)
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    1. What do your family members buy from the online group purchase websites?

    2. How can your family members protect themselves to minimise the troubles arising from online group purchases?

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    #1 Ivy Yeung =), 2012-07-11
  2. 56261662

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    1. My family haven't buy any thing from the online group purchase websites
    2. I suggest that they should some research on product, service and provider.
    #2 j-pts-479257, 2012-07-16
  3. nickname-mst-450749

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    1. They usually buy clothes, coupons and travelling package from the online group purchase websites.
    2. Firstly, my family members would be careful of the terms and conditions when trading with online group purchasing website. Secondly, they would check the website’s reputation and see others’ comments from forums whether it can be trusted. Therefore, my family members can minimize the troubles arising from online group purchases.
    #3 nickname-mst-450749, 2012-07-17
  4. nickname-na-633321

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    1. My family usually buy Cheap clothes, shoes, kitchen utensils from the online group purchase websites.

    2.First, they should choose the good reputation of the shop to purchase your favorite items
    Second, ask the seller clear information on those items, the decision to purchase
    Finally, after the receipt of goods, to check carefully whether the items are missing.
    #4 nickname-na-633321, 2012-07-19