[Summer] [16/8] Senior Ex 34: Young HK people affected by anxiety (15/8)

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  1. 。糖。

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    1. Have you ever had an anxiety?

    2. If yes, how did you get over it?

    3. Suggest some ways to live a happy life without anxiety.

    4. What can the society do to ease the anxiety of young people entering the workforce?

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    #1 。糖。, 2012-08-17
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    1. How could it not? The anxieties from school, family, my life...
    2. I rely on prayer can eliminate some of the anxiety. However, this world there is too much trouble to forget, how can all forget.
    3. Get to know the Holy One.
    4. Additional social and chat with them.
    #2 nickname-pts-412752, 2012-08-22