[Summer][19/7]Senior Ex14: 23rd Hong Kong Annual Book Fair opens today(18/7)

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  1. Ivy Yeung =)

    Ivy Yeung =)
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    #1 Ivy Yeung =), 2012-07-19
  2. nickname-na-633321

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    1.No,I don' thinkl i am a book worm.

    2.Because from childhood to now, I do not like reading.
    #2 nickname-na-633321, 2012-07-21
  3. 56261618

    Winni Lam
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    1. Do you think you are a book worm? Why?

    I think that I am a book worm because I like reading books which tell me a lot of difference things that I can’t study from school and never know before. Also, reading can spur my imagination. Although some books is too difficult for me to read, I can check the dictionary to learn the new vocabularies which I don’t know before and I can read books to learn it now. This is the reason that I think I am a book worm who like to read a lot of difference kind of book. By the way, read books are good for me. It is because I can wide my sight by reading difference kinds of books, such as, literature, autobiography and so on. To sum up, be a book worm is not a bad choice and it may be good for us for our future since learn more difference things is good for our study and knowledge.
    #3 Winni Lam, 2012-09-02
  4. 56261680

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    1. Do you think you are a book worm?
    2. Why?

    1. No . it is because I don't like reading book .
    2. It is because I don't like reading book .
    #4 chantiffany, 2012-09-16