[Summer] [20/8] Senior Ex 36: Hong Kong police cadets graduate (18/8)

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  1. 。糖。

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    1. Do you have friends or relatives who are police officers?

    2. If yes, have they shared any memorable expierence in their working life?

    3. Have you ever met any Pakistani Hong Kongers on street? Have you talked to them?

    4. Share your views on racial discrimination.

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    #1 。糖。, 2012-08-20
  2. 57017681

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    1. Yes, I do.
    2. Sorry, she have never said before.
    3. I think I have met them before but I haven't talked to them.
    4. The world is our home, we are living in the same home.
    #2 nickname-pts-412752, 2012-08-24