[Summer] [24/8] Junior & Senior Ex 40: Acute gastroenteritis cases (23/8)

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  1. 。糖。

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    1. Have you ever suffered from gastroenteritics? What was the cause?

    2. Other than vomit and diarrhoea, what other symptoms did you have?

    3. What can we do to prevent getting the diseases?

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    #1 。糖。, 2012-08-29
  2. 56261654

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    1. Yes, When I sleeping ,I was Abdominal pain .
    2. No, but That's experience is so painfful
    3. We can always wash hand
    #2 薯容包:D, 2012-08-31
  3. nickname-sbc-695207

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    2)I just have vomit and diarrhoe often.
    3)Always wash our hand and keep the plasce clean.
    #3 nickname-sbc-695207, 2012-09-01
  4. 張錦儀=)

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    1.No, I have gastroenteritics.

    2.I don't no.

    3.Be careful when eating food
    #4 張錦儀=), 2012-09-01
  5. 56261695

    Leung Mei Wa
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    1. No, I don't have gastroenteritics.
    2. NO
    3. Cooking food thoroughly
    #5 Leung Mei Wa, 2012-09-23
  6. nickname-pyc-303923

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    1. No.
    2. I don't know.
    3. Wash our hands more often .
    #6 nickname-pyc-303923, 2012-09-23
  7. Johnson Chow

    Johnson Chow
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    1. Have you ever suffered from gastroenteritis? What was the cause?
    No, I haven’t. But I can list out some of the causes of this terrible disease. First, unclean food contains bacteria which can cause uncomforting sensations to the patient. Second, innocent patients may get this disease transmitted by physical or indirect contact such as sharing the piece of towel, making this disease very contagious.

    3. What can we do to prevent getting the diseases?
    First, we can prevent this disease by avoiding sharing the same material such as towels with others to lower the risk of being infected by gastroenteritis. As gastroenteritis is unlikely to be transmitted through air, avoiding physical contact with its bacteria is our best method. Second, we should have a healthy diet which doesn’t not include too much meat. For instance, badly-cooked pork especially contain much bacteria which can effectively infect the victim with gastroenteritis, which is detrimental to anyone’s health.
    #7 Johnson Chow, 2012-09-26