[Summer][5/7]Senior Ex4: Xu Beihong exhibit (Clip 04/07/2012)

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  1. Ivy Yeung =)

    Ivy Yeung =)
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    1. If you know the technic of making 3-D animation, what kind of artworks or objects would you design first? (e.g. computer games, cartoons, films, TV programmes, pictures, models, artworks, other products…)

    2. Why?

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    #1 Ivy Yeung =), 2012-07-05
  2. nickname-na-633321

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    1.The films of artworks or objects I would design first.

    2.Because i like to watch three-dimensional movie, giving the feeling of a being in the movie.
    #2 nickname-na-633321, 2012-07-18