[Summer][6/7]Senior Ex5: Bird Garden closed for three weeks...H5N1 virus(5/7)

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  1. Ivy Yeung =)

    Ivy Yeung =)
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    1. Are you scared of avian flu infections?

    2. How can you persuade others to do better, in order to minimise the chance of suffering from avian flu infections?

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    #1 Ivy Yeung =), 2012-07-06
  2. nickname-mst-450749

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    1. I am scared of avian flu infections.
    2. In order to minimize of suffering from avian flu infections, I should persuade others to be aware of personal hygiene. For example, we should wash hands after going out and wear masks when having illness. These kinds of actions can prevent us from infecting avian flu.
    3. The government should implement the programme for local and imported poultry in the market such as having vaccination to chickens. Moreover, government should regularly check the hygiene requirements on wholesale and
    retail poultry markets.
    #2 nickname-mst-450749, 2012-07-17
  3. 56261662

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    1. Yes, I am
    2. Don't touch the faece of bird and wash hand after touching the birds.
    #3 j-pts-479257, 2012-07-19
  4. nickname-na-633321

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    1.Yes, I am

    2.In order to reduce the risk of avian influenza infection, we should maintain good personal and environmental noose students, keep hands clean and wash hands properly, maintain good indoor ventilation and so on.

    3.Government departments should strengthen bird flu prevention and control measures, such as suspension of imports of poultry. Government can also strengthen public education, increasing the number of plays for TV announcements to combat avian flu.
    #4 nickname-na-633321, 2012-07-19