[Summer][8/8]Senior Ex28: Two rival computer fairs to hit the city this...(7/8)

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  1. Ivy Yeung =)

    Ivy Yeung =)
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    #1 Ivy Yeung =), 2012-08-09
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    Yin CCy
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    I went to 2 computer festivals on the same day in August 2012, it was a hot day. I feel frustrated when i walking in a crowded street. When i visit first computer fair, it was crowded, all the bargains were sold. I feel disappointed of the bargains were sold. In the second computer fair, there were lots of bargains, I bought a usb for only 1 dollars. Also, The electronics in here are on sale. I bought a ipad for 30% off.
    #2 Yin CCy, 2012-09-01