[Summer Ex 8] Hong Kong health authorities on high alert over Ebola prevention

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    1. Have you heard of Ebola? How serious is it? Why are we on high alert?

    Yes, I have heard of it and it is very serious and we are on high alert because of it is an infectious disease.

    2. Do you know that there is an experimental Ebola drug? Do you think it should be used on patients before human testing? Why?

    No, I don't. No, I don't. Because it is still an experimental drug, it is not sure enough to prevent Ebola.

    3. Do you know that some people from USA have contracted Ebola? Do you think they should be sent back to the USA, where there are no Ebola cases? Why?

    No, I don't. Yes, I do because this can prevent Ebola to infect other country.
    #1 nickname-sps-594981, 2014-08-21